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Waste oil drum crushing and crushing treatment

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Waste oil drums mainly refer to various iron metal drums such as engine oil drums, gasoline drums, paint drums, etc. Waste oil drums are the most common type of liquid storage equipment. After materials are used up, waste oil drums contain various hazardous waste materials. It cannot be disposed of arbitrarily. Some enterprises or individuals dispose of abandoned oil barrels or sulfuric acid barrels after using up oil or sulfuric acid. In fact, the recycling of discarded sulfuric acid drums and oil drums also requires qualified departments to operate.


1. The utilization value of waste oil drums

Only all waste oil drums have high-quality thin iron sheets pressed into shape, which have high recycling value. The waste iron can be recycled through crushing and tearing, and then used for secondary smelting.

2. The issue of recycling waste oil drums

Various types of oil drums are widely used in various countries around the world. Oil drums have the characteristics of simple production process, low cost, simple and sturdy structure, and good sealing. By using coating anti-corrosion technology, they can be used as irreplaceable containers. However, due to the fact that the materials stored in oil drums are generally various types of engine oil, gasoline, diesel, and paint

Waiting for oil, as there are issues of material residue and leakage, comes environmental pollution, high cleaning costs, potential long-term responsibilities, worker safety, environmental protection, and other issues.

3. Crushing and recycling process of waste oil drums

In order to reduce the pollution of waste oil drums and provide a comprehensive solution for waste oil drum recycling and treatment, the metal crusher manufacturer - Haoxing Machinery adopts the production process of "dual axis shredder>>metal crusher>>magnetic sorting machine" to crush and recover materials. During the production process, smoke and dust will be sucked out with the dust collector, resulting in high production efficiency and low noise pollution. For details, please refer to the video of Haoxing Machinery's customer production site above.

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